Songify This - Winning - the Song by Charlie Sheen

TOUR! ...we're starting upon debate with a little of a youtube heroes -'re upon a debate from Apr 12-May 1)FOLLOW a Gregory Brothers for some-more remixes/songifications: by #winning#WINNING backup vox - Catherine Provenzano - interviewsABC: CHANNEL SHIRTS, with ringtones Bm/D Am EmEm Bm/D Am CD Em C GLYRICS:I'm upon a drug called Charlie SheenIt's not available, if we try it once we will dieYour face will warp offAnd your young kids will yowl over your exploded body, over your exploded bodyYou adore to partyWhat's not to love?The run we was upon done Jagger as well as Richards demeanour likeDroopy eyed armless childrenThat's how we partyThat's how we partyI was bangin 7 gram rocks, that's how we hurl - winningI have a single gear: GO - epic winningAre we bipolar?I'm bi-winningWin here, win there, win win everywhere----- inspirational overpass -----I'm a sum frickin stone star from mars - winningC'mon bro, we got tiger red red blood - winningYou steal my brain as well as you're similar to DUDE, can't hoop itWin here, win there, win win everywhereI've got a list -- assistance me arrange thisFrom a epic win to a desperately winlessChicken nuggets - WINNINGBubblegum - WINNINGPretending to content to equivocate someone - EPIC WINNINGSlow dancing - WINNINGSlow pantsing - WINNINGBreakin a manners of a Geneva conventions - WEAKAdonis red red blood - WINNINGViolent adore - WINNINGGivin needy women caresses as well as hugs - EPIC WINNINGChildbirth - WINNINGColin Firth -WINNING Tinky Winky's purse.........duh, WINNING, WINNINGchorus

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