Hollywood stars leave Tbilisi after premiere

Hollywood stars leave Tbilisi after premiere06.06.11 Hollywood stars Andy Garcia as well as Sharon Stone attended a premiere of a movie about a Georgia-Russia fight - The Five Days of Aug that describes a dispute as Russian aggression. `Five Days of August`, destined by maestro Renny Harlin as well as co-produced by a Georgian minister, focuses upon a illusory American contributor perplexing to settle a law about atrocities committed during a five-day dispute in 2008. The premiere was hold during a Rustaveli Movie Theatre, that a guest left for a Rustaveli Theatre, where a gift eventuality was hold aiming to benefaction to a Foundation for Assisting IDPs. Georgian boss Mikheil Saakashvili as well as First Lady Sandra Roelofs were benefaction during a reception. Georgian President addressed a guest in Georgian as well as English languages. Renny Harlin as well as Andy additionally addressed a guests, recollecting a days outlayed in Georgia as really comfortable memory. But a guest were astounded when Andy Garcia stepped upon a theatre as well as played upon a piano. He dedicated a combination to Georgia. Georgian thespian Sopho Nizharadze, folk band Lashari as well as Evgeni Mikeladze band conducted by Nika Memanishvili achieved a unison for a guest final night. Hollywood stars left Georgia today.

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