Hollywood stars left Georgia

Hollywood stars left Georgia 2011-06-06 Hollywood stars left Georgia today. Sharon Stone gave her initial talk to Georgian reporters during the Tbilisi International Airport.She says that she is happy that has visited Georgia, met with Georgia's Patriarch as well as the President. Hollywood star generally is tender by collateral of Georgia Tbilisi, churches as well as the environment. Sharon Stone additionally remarkable that she favourite Georgian normal dishes. Another warn publisher schooled is that Andy Garca skeleton to revisit Georgia together with his rope in autumn. Renny Harlin, executive of "5 Days of August" says that he motionless to buy the chateau in Georgia. He skeleton to revisit Batumi city in summer. Johnathon Schaech plays Rezo Avaliani, the immature Georgian troops military officer in "5 Days of August" talked about the movie with reporters once again. He pronounced that he is generally gratified with the gift dinner. Also he is tender by the Georgian thespian Sopho Nijaradze as well as Georgian Folk. The premiere of "5 Days of August" by Renny Harlin, Finnish-American movie executive as well as producer, was hold during Rustaveli Cinema Hall in Tbilisi yesterday evening. Director of the movie as well as Hollywood stars arrived in Tbilisi upon the special occasion. After the premiere of "5 Days of August" the gift supper hold during Rustaveli entertainment aiming to lift income for the family groups of those who suffered during the Aug war. "5 Days of August" is the drama, that is centered upon the fight in between Russia as well as Georgia in Aug 2008. The movie is focused upon an American journalist, his cameraman, as well as the Georgian local who turn held in the crossfire. Upon the ask of movie producers, the Georgian Military supposing troops equipment, uniforms, tanks, as well as helicopters. Georgian President Mikheil Saakashvili authorised make use of of his Presidential chateau for filming. Andy Garca plays the purpose of Saakashvili; Emmanuelle Chriqui plays Tatia, the immature Georgian girl; Rupert Friend plays Thomas Anders, an American reporter; as well as Johnathon Schaech plays Rezo Avaliani, the immature Georgian officer. In addition, Val Kilmer plays the Dutch publisher operative in Georgia.

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