Charlie Sheen - Inside The Actors Studio (pt. 1/3)

english audio!! rare!!! - NOTICE: scenes deleted! ..took video as well as audio from opposite sources source was ~4min shorter than video ..therefore we will listen to a spanish voice-overdub, though ONLY for ~4min totalized in a total interview!!! - FINALLY! ..the "lost" itas ep with charlie sheen. couldnt find it anywhere for months. greatfully save all 3 parts, so it wouldnt get mislaid again! :D thumbs up, if u similar to my work! thanks!ps: ...i know the about charlie sheen, though greatfully dont make use of swearwords in comments! thx! xD(Original Air Date17 Sep 2007)part1 : : :

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Charlie Sheen - Inside The Actors Studio (pt. 1/3)

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