Charlie Sheen Interview EXTRA Scenes- for some-more Kids React. New part any week! React is right away a weekly show, giving any video a Kids' full attention. Leave video suggestions in a comments or during a Facebook! all a episodes of Kids React: as well as Directed by Benny & Rafi Fine (The Fine Brothers)SUBSCRIBE APP**NEW** FREE IPHONE APP featured this episode:Charlie Sheen Interview: can essentially allow to Charlie Sheen's YouTube Channel if we want: part featured a following extraordinary kids! Lia Marie Johnson, age 14 Stamakinley, age 13 Bertsch, age 6, age 10 Djoenadi, age 9 Megan & Shannon, age 10Jake, age 11Darius Carr, age 11, age 8Landon Gilley, age 12, age 9 Augustine, age 5http;// by Joseph Carrillo song supposing by we see this, sort "KIDS= WINNING!" in a comments.-------------------------------------CHARLIE SHEEN INTERVIEW WINNINGKIDS REACT TO VIRAL VIDEOS Episode #8 TAGS: charlie sheen, charlie glaze interview, charlie glaze winning, charlie glaze rant, charlie, sheen, winning, tiger blood, kids react, kids conflict to viral videos

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