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Hollywood stars leave Tbilisi after premiere

Hollywood stars leave Tbilisi after premiere 06.06.11 Hollywood stars Andy Garcia and Sharon Stone attended the premiere of a film about the Georgia-Russia war - The Five Days of August that describes the conflict as Russian aggression. `Five Days of August`, directed by veteran Renny Harlin and co-produced by a Georgian minister, focuses on a fictional American reporter trying to establish the truth about atrocities committed during the five-day conflict in 2008. The premiere was held at the Rustaveli Movie Theatre, which the guests left for the Rustaveli Theatre, where a charity event was held aiming to donate to the Foundation for Assisting IDPs. Georgian president Mikheil Saakashvili and First Lady Sandra Roelofs were present at the reception. Georgian President addressed the guests in Georgian and English languages. Renny Harlin and Andy also addressed the guests, recollecting the days spent in Georgia as very warm memory. But the guests were surprised when Andy Garcia stepped on the stage and played on the piano. He dedicated the composition to Georgia. Georgian singer Sopho Nizharadze, folk band Lashari and Evgeni Mikeladze orchestra conducted by Nika Memanishvili performed a concert for the guests last night. Hollywood stars left Georgia today.

The Makeover

MAKEOVER: Rodger Keaton is a socially challenged, clinically frigid, computer nerd, desperate single white male. Patricia Bartlett is a ruthless award winning journalist who has found her man. Pitted against overwhelming odds, Hollywood makeover Guru Brad Holloway is blackmailed via the threat of crippling publicity. Brad's challenge is a "mission impossible" makeover and he must prove with substantial results that his Ultimate Makeover Services are the 'Real Deal'. Over the next six weeks, Brad & Rodger take a most unlikely journey into often uncharted terrain, with hilarious & heart warming results at every turn. But can true change be given a deadline? And can anything with a deadline be thoroughly achieved? A willing dog can learn a thousand new tricks, but is self-identity a trick? Can it be learnt, or must it be found? Join Rodger on a roller coaster of fear, anxiety, disaster, celebration, discovery, reinvention & hope as he hurtles toward the finishing line in this race against time.

Charlie Sheen Unleashed: I'm Not Taking It Anymore!! 1/3

Actor and television star Charlie Sheen will appear on The Alex Jones Show today for an exclusive live interview in which Sheen will set the record straight on the myriad of exaggerations, misinformation and outright falsehoods about his life that have been whipped up by the establishment media in recent weeks. http://www.infowars.com/ http://www.prisonplanet.tv/

Michael Jackson.Madonna.Madonna about Michael Jackson.Hollywood stars.Los Angeles.mm.dj

Michael Jackson.Madonna.Madonna about Michael Jackson.Hollywood stars.Los Angeles.mm.dj

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