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Dolph Lundgren exlusive interview to RT!

"I don't beat people up except in the movies": Dolph Lundgren We will try to find out why the world celebrities and Hollywood stars are becoming frequent guest in the Russian capital. What attracts them here in Moscow? Is it culture, business or something else? Our guest in the studio today is the world famous movie star and film director - Dolph Lundgren.

Silly Symphony Cartoons — Mother Goose Goes Hollywood (Dec. 23, 1938)

http://www.behance.net/cartoonman From the opening scene where Mother Goose takes the place of the MGM lion, it's a trip through her famous rhymes with Hollywood stars taking the place of the storybook characters. Characters — Mother Goose Donald Duck (cameo)


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HOLLYWOOD - die Stars und wir

Wir haben Sandra Bullock beim Friseur und Brad Pitt auf seinem Motorrad in Beverly Hills gesehen - abgebildet in Zeitschriften... hier sind die Schauspieler die wir leibhaftig in Hollywood getroffen haben.

Top 10 der besten Hollywood Stars

Hier sind 10 Stars die ich am besten in Hollywood Finde

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