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AVAILABLE ON iTUNES - http://itunes.apple.com/us/album/charlie-sheen-digital-single/id425257939 Traphik http://www.youtube.com/timothy http://twitter.com/traphik http://timothydelaghetto.com Dumbfoundead http://www.youtube.com/dumbfoundead http://www.twitter.com/dumbfoundead http://knocksteady.com Jin http://www.twitter.com/ayojin http://youtube.com/ayojintv http://ayojin.com Produced by: Tatsuro Miller http://twitter.com/tatsuromiller Cuts by: DJ Zo http://www.youtube.com/zomanno Directed by Kevin Boston Produced by Tatsuro Miller for GlobalCityMusic Mixxed & Mastered by DevCon Kevin Boston http://kevinboston.com

More Trouble for Charlie Sheen

Despite accumulating a million Twitter followers, Charlie Sheen loses his kids. For the full episode: http://ABCNews.com/watch/nightline/SH5584743/VD55116155/nightline-302-charlie-sheen

Charlie Sheen's Surprise Appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live

Jimmy Kimmel Live - The third part of Jimmy's interview with Mark Cuban, where Charlie Sheen shows up

Charlie Sheen Dumped, BET Epic Fail + Britney Spears! Hot Mess #40

This week was very interesting! Charlie Sheen was dumped by his last remaining goddess, BET's venture into hip tech award shows proved to be an Epic Fail for one presenter, and Britney Spears has fans saying I Wanna Go.. Away. Here are your Top 3 Hot Messes for the week! xoxox, Andrea FOLLOW ME http://www.twitter.com/AndreaFeczko FACEBOOK ME http://www.facebook.com/AndreaFeczko OFFICIAL WEBSITE http://www.AndreaFeczko.com

The Queen of Screams

The Queen of Screams A small group of teenagers are trapped in a deserted movie theater and stalked by a crazed B-movie actress out to kill for the demise of her career.

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